Soothing my pains in style

I still have 15 weeks (give or take a couple weeks) left in this pregnancy, yet I already feel extremely uncomfortable. I’ve reached that stage where it feels like my upper body is going to come crashing through my loosening hip joints at any given moment. I’m getting too old for this, me thinks. Or I’m just a weakling. Either way.

For the past week or so, I’ve had some hideous lower back and tail bone pain. I’m not sure if this is what most pregnancy books refer to as sciatica, or if it’s just my body doing its normal gestation freak out. The pain forces me to waddle rather than walk, and I often seek comfort standing in a hot shower, the water aimed at my lower back. A heating pad helps too, and I’ve been using one when I recline in bed and read. A few days ago, Lera posted about her homemade heating pad cover, and I just knew I had to make one for mine.

I wasn’t sure if the linen and cotton I chose would be insulating enough, so I made my new cover generous enough to fit over the hideous polyster blue thing that the heating pad came with, ugly or no, it seems to be lined with some kind of important lining and is likely fire resistant. I trimmed off the top part of the pilly blue cover so it was fairly flush with the pad, and then made my new one generous enough to cover it all and snap up top, keeping everything snugly in place.

Homemade heating pad cover

I’m procrastinating some of the dress up projects I mentioned earlier, but I did splurge a bit and buy some of the adorable wool felt disguises I linked to from They’re geared for adults, but a quick knot in the elastic makes them fit smaller noggins.

Sneaky disguises!

I also ordered some of her delicious felt squares as I can’t find over half of these colors anywhere near me. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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