Toddler Bed

Well. It’s taking five hundred years to work out this one leetle tiny kink on my website, so my homepage still looks like barf. Try to ignore it (it’s giving me convulsions. Edit: now only the footer looks like barf, progress!) and enjoy this super easy, super cute toddler bed I made for this little toad.

Little dude needs his own bed

But first, because I am long winded, and this is how I roll, you must have BACKSTORY:

We’re cosleepers, and the other kids have all moved pretty painlessly to a twin size bed about the time I had the next baby. HOWEVER. Since there is no new baby coming (sob), we’ve felt a little unsure about how to proceed with this two year old cutie pie. Part of me wants to cuddle and snuggle with him FOREVER because he is my BABY and I am a tinsy bit EMOTIONAL about him being the LAST ONE. But he is helping this needy, weepy side of me let go as he has taken to sleeping horizontally between my me and my husband. One of us either has his feet in our backs or his surprisingly bony-feeling head ALL NIGHT LONG. He also likes to drape himself across my face periodically throughout the night. Tired of waking up with sore backs and/or nearly suffocating from toddler belly on our faces, we decided to move the guest room queen bed upstairs and see if we could maybe get him to sleep there and sneak away and he could dig his bony parts into a couple of pillows instead.

This was a no-go and while my other kids loved piling into the giant queen rather than into their lovingly made up bunks, the baby was back to socking me in the eye with his heel at 3 in the morning. I wondered if he wouldn’t like a little bed of his own, maybe something we could start out in our room and then eventually move to his. But I wasn’t certain, after all aren’t toddler beds comforting for babies who are used to sleeping on their beloved crib mattresses before they transition to a twin? We’d never functioned that way, so I just wasn’t sure.

But then I considered the toilet. Yes, the hall bathroom pooper. Stay with me, this will make sense in a moment. This kiddo has decided he is utterly fascinated with potty learning. He likes to tear off his diaper the minute it is soiled, he periodically likes to parade around in his own ‘unnapants’ and uses the big toilet in the hall on semi regular occasion. But what is important about this seemingly unrelated sidenote, is that he has adopted the hall bathroom toilet as HIS OWN. No seriously, he has a cow if any of us try to use it. MY POTTAY! GET OFFA MY POTTAY! He pounds his little fists on the door, or, if the door was left unlocked, bursts in and tries to pry us, mid business, off the toilet.

We laugh, because, “How cute!” and also, he is the BABY, he can do practically anything and we will all coo about its adorableness. Besides, it’s helping in the NO MORE DIAPERS department. (I cannot stop yelling.) So I shrugged. Maybe a bed of his own would have a similar psychotic possessive effect. Even if he woke up in the night and came back in to visit now and then, my crying, hand-wringing, baby hungry half would like that.


I poked around Craigslist and eBay and just couldn’t deal with the plastic firetruck beds I found, but didn’t want to shell out a bunch of money for a tiny wooden bed that would get used for a minute before he outgrew it… IF HE USED IT AT ALL. (Seriously, someone come disable my capslock).

So I decided to make Ana White’s Farmhouse Toddler Bed. We’d made her headboard and found it easy and painless, and I liked the price tag. Only $27 in lumber and I had the nice guy at Home Depot make all the cuts for me (he was so nice!). So all I had to do was come home, and put it together. It only took a few hours.

Toddler bed

And shut up, is it not the cutest? I mean, it’s not modern or anything, but holy crap, it was so nice to get off my duff where I’ve been resting my busted up toe and do something.

I stained it with a Minwax brand ‘pecan’ gloss stain that has the polyurethane layer built right in. It was simpler than the priming, painting, and glazing process we did to the aforementioned headboard.

He digs it

I found a crib mattress on Freecycle which was a disaster – ick! So I ordered a new one off of Amazon, along with a new mattress pad and a couple of cozy jersey sheets. The quilt is from the great room that he dragged in and spread on the bed himself; it looks cute so I’ll wash it up fresh and add a flannel blanket. After he spread out the quilt, he jumped in with a “My little bed!”, pulled the blankets up to his chin and asked for some milk.


Real sheets en route

I am keeping my expectations low for tonight, but keep your fingers crossed for us, okay?

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