Book sorting party


The books from our Usborne group order arrived and my friends, Amy, Kat, and Tracy (who laid on my couch with her hurt hip and crunched numbers) came right over to help sort and double check the order sheets.

Sorting books

We’ve got everyone sorted and I’m just working on sorting out a few mistakes the publisher made and a few orders that had out of print or out of stock books. Soon everyone will get their shipping totals and books will be sailing off to their happy new homes!


It’s been so much fun to see what everyone ordered; take a peep at books I hadn’t yet seen in person, and add to my ever growing wishlist. We learned a thing or two running this group order, and hopefully if I can gear up to do another group order in a few months, things will go a little more smoothly.

Yay books!

The publisher’s catalog is a little different than the Usborne consultant catalog so we ended up needing to place two separate orders. One direct to the publisher as planned, and one through my consultant site, and then both orders had some errors… It’s all good though, I’ve just about got it all worked out – thanks to countless hours of help from my wonderful friends. Me and my crumtastic math skills never could have done this all on my own.

Speaking of crumtastic math skills, did you know that it’s after 1 in the morning? I did not. A shaky grasp of arthimatic also seems to include a really wacked out sense of time in general, at least for me. I’m always so surprised when a) it’s five hours later than I thought it was, and b) realize I haven’t eaten anything since noon. Or what I thought was noon and was really more like ten. Ha. Going to find some yogurt and those delicious chocolate covered pomegranate nuggets I found at Sam’s Club (because those are super healthy, right?) and tuck myself into bed.

Later skaters.


  1. OMSH says

    There is something so comforting about stacks and stacks of books!

    I would have joined your friend on the couch with my broken knee cap! What a motley crew we could have been!

    • jessica says

      I seriously feel like everyone around me is broken! My grandma has two broken knees after knee replacement surgery, you, and my two friends here. I’m starting to worry I’m the common denominator!

  2. Lanna says

    Ooh, to be in that room with all those fun books… (and is it sad I kept looking for my stack? yes? oh well)

  3. Sonja says

    I hope those books won’t be sad to be separated from their friends when you send me mine! (That’s a normal thought, yes?!)

    • jessica says

      Totally normal! But I think the books are happy to going to their new homes and maybe promising to write one another to give them updates. Ha ha.

  4. Tish says

    The choc covered blueberry-acai are also excellent, but I think I have to get them at Costco. Sam’s only seems to carry the pom ones. I usually mix them in a jar and eat them together (by the handsful!). I’ve gotten my younger son-in-law hooked on them (luckily I gave him and my daughter a Costco membership for Christmas so he can sneak the blueberry and the pom chocolates in their cart). I’d be happy to send you a bag of the blueberry ones to try. They’re healthy! Really- fruit and anti-oxidents!
    I was the book order mom for my daughter’s class last year. I think my favorite part was sorting the orders when they came in and picking out theclassroom books from the free selections and bonus bucks. I love my Kindle but there’s nothing like a shiny new book.

    • jessica says

      Oh, ho, ho. I need some of those STAT. It’s okay though, we’re headed to UT in a few days so I’ll pick some up w/ my mom’s Costco membership. We’ve eaten our way through the Pom bag already and I’m so sad.

      So true! Especially for kids books. They just aren’t the same, even on a color Fire or iPad or something.

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