Pictureless bullets

  • My camera seems to be lost in transit. I’m pretty sick about it, but still crossing my fingers for a surprise in the Saturday morning post.
  • I’m feeling a bit icky. Kind of achy and fluish but some of it might have to do with some… uh… mental junk I’m dealing with from a long ago abusive relationship. Bleh.
  • My husband finally decided to get serious about selling the house. He’s dropped the price by a butt load (um, isn’t that the number one no-no? List high then drop? I don’t know, we haven’t sold a house before) and we’re all busy touching up paint and cleaning out the shop.
  • I can’t decide if I should plant all my precious seedlings or hold out and see if we’re somewhere else. My mother in law pointed out that even if the buyers don’t garden, the lush green space will look better than an empty, dead one. True.
  • My 3 year old dressed himself today and is sporting backwards jeans, backwards long sleeved orange t-shirt, blue and orange striped baby leggings on his arms, and a train hat. WHERE IS MY CAMERA?
  • That is all, how’s your Saturday?


  1. Lora says

    LOL at the outfit:-)

    We are enjoying beautiful weather in the mid-Atlantic region today.

    I hope your camera turns up soon.

      • Lora says

        I mailed a package via Parcel Post during the first week of December 2011 to a destination about 300 miles away, and it was not delivered until Dec. 28th! A friend of mine who was doing temporary work for the Post Office was not surprised. He described mind-boggling inefficiency and dysfunctional organization.

  2. allysha says

    Sorry. I hope your camera gets there today. Good luck with everything else. I am not a fan of Saturdays; they are busy and hectic and my kids get a little (okay, a lot, today) crazy. I have started looking forward to Mondays, of all things. Still, I will send up a little prayer for your camera to arrive safe and sound. Stuff like that makes me anxious, too.

  3. Lanna says

    Hah, my younger kids come up with awesome outfits like that, too. Shows off their personality. I’m just anxiously waiting for a fun box of books, still needing a shower, and really should get out in the yard and weed something (everything has been overtaken with weeds the last two years). Oh, and have no idea what we’re doing for dinner. I’m on top of things like that.

    • jessica says

      I love letting them dress themselves, besides I’m way too tired to try to orchestrate what they wear. What did you have for dinner? I need ideas for tonight.

      • Lanna says

        I can’t even remember what we *did* have for dinner that night (and that planner’s upstairs, where I don’t feel like going). If it helps any, this week it’s chicken nuggets, taco tuesday, shells and cheese (found some Annie’s at Grocery Outlet, yay!), Garlic Lime Chicken, and that’s as far as I got. They’re simple/easy because it’s just me and the four kids this week (and part of next week). Previous ones were Garlic Lime Steelhead, twice-baked potatoes, pasta salad, big salad with grilled chicken, and other randomness. I’ve been going through the freezer/pantry since there’s not a lot of good sales right now at the stores.

  4. Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball says

    I’ve been following along here for a while, but I don’t think I’ve commented before. Hi there! ;)

    Oh! I so feel your pain about selling, planting, and the not being sure if you should go ahead and throw all your plants out there, or wait and hope you move, or what?!? I am right there with you! We just dropped the price of our house too, (our first time selling a house as well. ) Plus I feel like I am working myself to the bone trying to keep it all “show ready” (and failing miserably, btw!) With this many kids home all day it’s just not possible. I love/hate that our real estate listing calls our house “immaculate” I feel like it has to be that way for each showing! It’s exhausting. Good luck selling yours! Maybe the offers will come pouring in now!

    • jessica says

      Hi, thanks! Oh goodness, I’m so glad our listing doesn’t say immaculate! In fact, I probably ought to edit it to say LIVED IN. :o) It’d be easier to move and show an empty house me thinks.

  5. chanel says

    We looked at the depressed economy and decided to rent our house out. Hopefully, you find a buyer VERY soon. And I hope your camera turns up.

      • chanel says

        So far we’ve been blessed. Our first renters were Christians whom we loved right away. We were blessed that we even made a small profit on the rent. Unfortunately they only lasted 4 months :( They gave us plenty of notice though and left the house in great condition. The house sat vacant for 3 months (be sure you have the ability to pay your mortgage without renters! We were eating lots of beans and cornbread!) We ended up lowering the rent (by a few hundred dollars) and finally found someone. We weren’t able to meet them in person, but my in laws like them AND they are making our yard amazing.

    • jessica says

      Temporarily, at least we’ll go to UT near family… but then we’ll start looking all over for the little homestead of our dreams.

  6. Jennifer says

    Good luck with everything, especially the camera :o(
    Definitely plant the garden. It’s a great selling point for some people, and it’s a pretty cheap upgrade. Not only the great produce they’d be inheriting, but seeing that you have good soil helps too :o)

  7. Jess says

    So, I’m thinking when you find your new house/ farm place you need to make sure there is a good one next door that we can move into when we’re done with this Air Force moving us all over tarnation thing. Then you can teach me how to garden and our boys can drive tractors and motorcyles for recess.
    just thinking…

  8. Krysta says

    Hi ya!
    Got a solution for your planting issue. We move frequently so I’m always worried about moving mid-season. I plant EVERYTHING in pots/containers. Most things are happy with 6″ of dirt and seed packets will tell you how big a diameter you need (thin-to space, sprouted will say planting space). And tah-dah transportable garden! You may get grumbling by hubby for all the heavy pots but oh-well! :P

    • jessica says

      Someone suggested that earlier and I think I like the idea for things like grapes and other berries… but our garden is way too large to do the whole thing in pots. Thanks though!

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