OPFTH: Charity Auction!

Hello everyone, this is Kat. Oh my stinking heck, I cannot believe how long this took to get pulled together. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your generosity! Thank you for donating beautiful, quality goods and services, for bidding on the lovelies, for using our donate button, for praying, for visiting our affiliate sites, for sending oodles of positive energy and love, and for spreading the word. May you all be showered abundantly with blessings!

Auction Terms

  • We are using a Hyena Cart to run the auctions. You will have to register for a Hyena Cart account if you don’t have one already, all they need is your email address. We are new to this, so we have all our fingers crossed that it will work properly. Please let us know if you have any trouble with it.
  • Auctions will end on Monday the 10th of December at midnight mountain time.
  • Winning bidders will be contacted by Kat or Tracy via email, and payments will be accepted via Paypal.
  • Winning bidders will be contacted by the donor via email for shipping information / colors / etc. as applicable. Please note that shipping charges may apply. If they do, you may have to pay shipping directly to the donor.
  • Winning bidders and donors will receive each other’s email addresses.
  • Check out the auctions!

    Alrighty, here we go – click the pink arrow to view the auction listings and bid.



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