2013 Resolutions

What a nut.

B. would like to wear more underpants on his head. That is his goal for 2013, and beyond. My goals are a little more boring:

Be more neighborly. We get caught up in our own little lives, and in this semi-rural area where our homes are spread apart by acres of land, you can go months and months without even seeing the folks who live next door. We found out our neighbor to the east went through a divorce last year, and we didn’t even know about it until it was all over. So this year, we want to do a better job of stepping outside our comfort zones and making an effort to get to know those we live near. Maybe I’ll even get up the courage to invite someone over for dinner. No, that’ll never happen. But maybe a relaxed backyard barbecue? I think I can handle that.

Continue with our church group’s eight monthly goals. These are great things like regular family night, reading the scriptures together, etc. Following these steps blessed our lives in 2012, so we want to continue doing them. I won’t list them all out here.

Better planned Family Home Evenings. I’m really good at holding Monday night family nights, but I’d like to get better at starting earlier, and planning a little better in advance. I often skip the treat part since it’s already time for bed when we’re done.

Meal planning, regular meals, and regular meal TIMEs. Oof. This is a tough one for me. You know I love to make a schedule, but keeping it, and being aware of the passage of time is more difficult. I hammered out a loose, easy plan for this year and so far so good. Here’s hoping I can stick with it.

Regular personal hygiene for the kids. Ha, don’t laugh! We’re not totally gross over here, just not good at routine. My kids all have dry skin that starts flaking off and cracking if they shower or bathe every day, but I admit sometimes one or two of them will smell a little dodgy and I think too many days might have passed since their last soap up.

My lovely husband has a goal of washing, drying, and putting away at least one load of laundry each day. There are some awfully good things about this role reversal, and the shift in laundry responsibility is one of them. Finding clean pajamas in my drawer is like MAGIC.

I would like to exercise regularly again, now that my heart is healing nicely. I’d also like to sort out what kind of diet would make my body the happiest. I wouldn’t mind shedding the 6 pounds I put on while recovering, either.

E. would also like to lose the weight he put back on during the stress of the heart surgery.

The kids would like to enjoy their green smoothies at least 3 times per week.

We would love to get back on good financial footing this year.

And following that, we want to be able to pay it forward / pay it back. (Love you all!)

I admit I had some pretty high hopes for last year, and neither one of us have let go of our little farm dreams, though we are in love with our area. We’d always dreamed of moving further east, nearer to the river where the trees grow more thickly and there are some mountains to look at, but we’d be sad to leave our friends here. There is a neighbor just a stone’s throw away who is selling a good sized piece of property, and we hope, hope, hope that this year we will be able to buy it from them. We would be able to build a modest little farmhouse on it, have more land for our homesteading ideals, and be able to have more animals… all while staying right here in our tiny town. We wouldn’t need to move to a new church body, and our kids would still be very near all their friends.

It’s a lot to hope for. Climbing out of the financial hole we’re in might take a good long while, but I’m going to put it out there. A friend of mine said one year she wrote her resolutions as if they had already happened, thanking the universe that she had achieved her goals, and it worked! She sold her house for full asking price within two days of writing them out. I’m going to try that here with these big dog goals:

  • I’m so grateful that we were able to get out of business and medical debt in 2013.
  • I’m overjoyed that we were able to finish our master bathroom (that has been torn apart for nearly 5 years) in 2013.
  • What a good feeling it was to finally sell our home in 2013!
  • I am especially thankful that we have been able to purchase this 30 acre property in our area in 2013.
  • I have really enjoyed scouring house plans to design and begin building a smaller, yet storage-smart home for my family in 2013.
  • It brings me great joy to be able to help others financially and to provide jobs for youth and adults on our homestead in 2013.

What do you think? Super cheeseball? Let’s see if positive thinking works.

What are your goals this year?


  1. Katherine says

    Might be super cheeseballl, but a lot of research shows that writing our goals down affects how we work toward and achieve them. So go for it- put them out there! I think lucky 2013 is your year!

    Also with you on the kids’ hygiene. We have never ever been that “bathe the kids every night” family. We are more of a “once a week” family. Or when the dirt under their fingernails and syrup in their hair is too much to ignore.

  2. Caroline says

    Thankful to hear my children aren’t the only ones who don’t bathe every night! Though my oldest, who is 6 is starting to tell me he stinks, so maybe that every couple of days thing will have to change for us, too. :)

    I love writing your goals as though they’d already happened.

    I have lots of goals for this year, and dreams such as starting art school. But my most realistic and urgent goals include less reliance on technology; I have a hard time tearing myself apart from my computer! I also want to get our financial house back in order as we had some real hardships ourselves, one of which included leaving our home of 5 years.

    So, following your example:

    1) I don’t need to check my e-mail every hour or even every day of 2013.
    2) We have tithed to our church every Sunday in 2013 because we have enough to do so.

  3. Claudia says

    Please don’t feel badly about the bathing! We’re similar in our house. Too many baths/showers = crusty patrons, so we forgo them. As long as you’re washing hands, brushing teeth and putting deodorant on and such, you won’t be bad ;)

  4. Valena says

    Brilliant! I now have a new goal :) To write my own resolutions as though they’ve been accomplished. I am a firm believer that we have to put our best selves out to the universe to succeed, and this is a delightful way to do it. I truly believe that 2013 is going to be the year of your dreams. May the universe listen to your incredibly positive attitude (even if it’s only on paper somedays) and may all your dreams come true!

  5. Rhi says

    We also really need to be more neighborly. We’ve lived in our house for almost 3 years and we know exactly one neighbor’s name. Yikes.

  6. Michelle says

    My resolution/goal is to go to the mailbox every day (every day that mail is delivered, that is). Sometimes, I go WEEKS without visiting the mailbox (it’s down the road, not in front of my house) and finally the mailman will have to drive all the way to my house to tell me that he cannot fit one more thing in my mailbox and if I don’t pick it up, he’ll start leaving my mail back at the post office (a 15 minute drive).

    I never get any fun mail, that’s the problem. If it wasn’t all bills and junk mail, I’d be more enthusiastic about going every day.

  7. OMSH says

    I’m working on mine. There has been a lot to think through in the last few months in our neck of the woods and right now I’m just immersing myself in God’s Word so I can breathe. The post will come. It will. I just need more time.

  8. hairyshoefairy says

    I’m so happy to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t bathe their children (or themselves for that matter) on a daily basis. We have the seriously dry skin problem, too, and daily is just too harsh. Some peopke think it’s weird but it works for us. Best wishes! I’m rooting for you to meet your goals!

  9. Lynnette says

    Okay, seriously…do you know how many of us gave a sigh of relief to know we are not horrible mothers that don’t bathe our children every night! I love that you just say it like it is.. My children and I have skin issues too and I have never bathed them every night. Any chance your kids scream their heads off when you try to wash their hair? I even resort to salon style washing.

  10. Michelle says

    OK, since we’re all confessing things…My son was born in late September, and it wasn’t until my parent’s visited us at Christmas that he got his first real bath. My mother was horrified that I hadn’t fully bathed him (after an entire afternoon of her sniffing his head/neck and declaring how wonderful babies smell). My mom and dad got right to it and were beyond pleased with themselves and the fact that they got to give him his “first” bath.

    I do want to point out that I’d wiped him down with a washcloth regularly and washed his hair at least once every couple of weeks. Oh, and I’d pry open his hands to make sure he wasn’t making cheese in there.

  11. Katie says

    Same here with not bathing the kids daily, and they get dry skin whenever they do bathe. I have always showered daily, but am seriously considering doing every-other-day to help with the dry skin.

  12. Heather O. says

    I really like the idea of writing down your goals as though they had already been reached! We have some lofty goals for 2013 too, and I think I’m going to try your idea out and see how it works for us.

    Also, my kids have never gotten baths every single day… and unfortunately, now that they’re older and starting to hit puberty (and stink), this habit is one that is nearly impossible to break them of. I catch a whiff of a kid in the backseat, announce that tonight they must both bathe, and am instantly met with a chorus of “but whhhhyyyy, I just had one two/three days ago!” — and I have to convince them that I’m not being a mean mom, but rather trying to save them from the embarrassment (and general stinkiness) of stinky armpits. I figure that, once they discover boys, they’ll go to regular bathing without the arguments.

  13. Jessica says

    I also have dry skin. I shower every day because I like to, but my skin doesn’t get dry anymore. I stopped using soap and deodorant last year because of the chemicals, etc, and it has had the added bonus of making my skin less crack-y.

    I figure Americans are too clean anyway. It wasn’t until verrrry recently when advertising took over that people starting bathing every day and stripping their skin with expensive soap just to lather it back up with toxic, costly lotion. I think not-daily baths are just fine. It’s not like they’re rolling around in feces. Tooth-brushing is way more important.

      • Jessica says

        Just water! I once tried going no-deodorant but I was still using soap and it did not work. Then I read online in an article written by a man who doesn’t use money (I know, I find weird things) that if you don’t use soap in addition to no deodorant then your body chemistry balances out more easily. I used a washcloth in the summer to scrub a bit at my pits but in the winter it’s not needed for me. Keep in mind I’d only been cleaning in the “creases” since I was in middle school because I overheard a dermatologist saying this was best for your skin. I also haven’t washed my face with soap in seven years, only use water to rinse in the morning…I even use no shampoo, just water and scrubbing with my fingertips. Occasionally I’ll use a homemade bar soap to wash it every few weeks. Turns out I’m allergic to nearly anything chemical; I had perioral dermatitis that didn’t respond to steroid cream but responded to my not using soap, specifically sodium lauryl sulfates. I swear I’m not a hippie. It just sounds like it. I also haven’t used shaving cream in twelve years; only shave with water and I never have razor burn. Trick is to not press so hard.

        I’ve been doing the water-only, no deodorant since June here in South Texas (read: scorching, Satan-hot) and only had two days where my pits were smelly. Usually they just smell like maple syrup. Weird, I know. Keep in mind I *do* shower daily. And I use 100% raw coconut oil for the occasional moisturizing for hands and legs and face. Sorry for the novel, folks! Hope this info helps someone else out, or at least makes you laugh. (Oh and I use tooth soap from Rose of Sharon Acres. SLS free and doesn’t dry out my mouth like regular toothpaste.)

  14. jessica says

    I’m behind on answering comments, sorry! My friend Tracy has not been doing well — anyway, I’m laughing over all the bathing commiserations!

    Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, wonderful new year! And a clean one…

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