Well. I didn’t cry. I thought I would. Four seems so grown up, like he’s packed his bags and left baby-dom behind forever. I had the tissues all ready when we sat down with his baby book and read his birth story and looked at his little locks of hair from his first haircut, flipped through photos, and compared his big-boy stinky feet in dirty socks to his tiny little newborn baby prints.


But he was my same little B. Happy to sit on my lap and comment on every page, give me kisses and hugs, and wish me a hearty Good Moyning! I was able to just enjoy the day and share in all of his delight rather than get all morose and weepy over the past. Finger-five for me?

He wanted a green cake with the letter B on it, and I just happened to have a Christmas cake kit with green frosting and festive sprinkles. Heck, we still have all of our Christmas stuff up, so that poor cake fit right in, and B. didn’t mind a bit.

Darn trick candles!

Darn trick candles, though. I don’t know how we ended up with so many, maybe from the astronaut birthday party a while back? Oh well, it just means you get more wishes, right?

Happy birthday, punkin.

p.s. I posted an update about Tracy, she’s finding some answers, but they aren’t pretty.

p.p.s. And! I’m super sorry if you wrote me and I haven’t replied. I sent out a frillion thank you notes to kind souls who donated or participated in the auction, and Google decided to freak out and suspend my account. I can still send some emails through Apple Mail, but many are bouncing back. If you wrote and haven’t heard from me, give me another holler. Hopefully my account will be verified as non-spammy by tomorrow.


  1. trena says

    My good friend Melissa has EDS (and her siblings, mother and Melissa’s kids all have it too). If you go to (or tell Tracy to I guess), Melissa has a section all about her EDS. She has good days and bad but she and her mother have decided to not let it dictate what they can/can’t do and so they have signed up for a 1/2 marathon in Dublin Ireland in August this year. It’s a difficult road–lots of prayers/good thoughts for your friend!!

    Four is still a baby…when they’re sleeping and can’t tell you otherwise :). It goes too quickly.

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