Magic show!

The older boys have had a really good time looking up different card tricks on the internet. They are actually really good at them! One, in particular, of N’s is pretty amazing.

For family night a couple of weeks ago, they put on a magic show for us. We had to record it of course, but the movie is too long to share here. You’ll just have to imagine how exciting it all was.

J. had several cool card tricks, and is getting really good at sleight of hand:

magic show

My favorite trick of N’s was one where you pick two cards, and then he shuffles them into the deck. Tidies the deck and then slams it against one palm, and the two cards you picked shoot out. I honestly don’t know how he does it:

magic show

Miss K. was pretty frustrated with the card tricks, so she decided to wow us by breaking all the records for the tallest magical cup tower. It was a rousing success.

magic show

Little B’s trick was so, so cute. We have one of those Ikea step stools with a hand-hold cut out in the middle of the top step, so he puts three cups on the stool, upside down, of course, and puts a puff-ball under one of them. He waves his magic wand (photo below), moves the cups around, and then moves the one with the puff ball *over* the hole in the stool, so it falls through. We, of course, applauded wildly and wonder aloud where in the world that puff ball went. He was super pleased.

magic show

The older boys are poring over Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic, which they got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I anticipate many more magic shows in our future :)

p.s. I’m reading the GAPs diet book with the scary title and trying to wrap my head around the introductory diet. I think I probably need to do this, but goodness gracious it looks challenging. Those of you who have done this with kids – do the kids seriously subsist on little more than soup that first week? Edited to add since the GAPS discussion got lost Not decided on GAPS, still reading the book. Was incredulous (not serious) about the intro diet + kids. Would work with my doctor if I go this route. (No worries, Laura. xo)


  1. OMSH says

    I’m not looking at that diet. I do not want to feel guilty for something I don’t want to do just because it looks healthy. HAHA!

    • jessica says

      I don’t think it’s for everybody – just folks who have damaged gut linings, which I do from eating gluten. It isn’t your typical ‘get healthy’ diet, so no guilt! It’s supposed to heal the lining, stop the food allergies, and after two years to can introduce more mainstream foods again. It looks terrifying.

  2. Laura GF says

    After all you’ve been through in the past year — you’re seriously considering this for yourself and for your -children-? Even the website for this “diet” talks about how it is not intended to treat any condition. Please, please be careful.

  3. jessica says

    Oh dear. I messed up my blog extricating a plugin my friends tried to use for the auction. Had to restore from an earlier backup and lost some comments. Hopefully y’all got my replies before things went poof.

  4. Lanna says

    I have some friends that do it, or do a modified version – still doing dairy (cheese, raw milk, whathaveyou) and some treats with honey and such. They’ve mostly gone to stage one or two, not necessarily intro (which is pretty restrictive from what I can tell). But they also didn’t have any major health issues, they just thought it would help improve their health, which it did.
    It *might* be easier to ease into eating more paleo for your family though, and use tons of bone broth for recipes. A slightly less scary starting point. Although I’ll admit I’d be a horrible paleo/gaps person – we could probably be fine without noodles, but homemade bread and peanut butter and potatoes in the land of potatoes when that’s what stores over the winter…. yeah.
    If you’ve already read Weston A. Price’s book or the Cure Tooth Decay book though, GAPS/Paleo doesn’t seem *too* out there.

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