I dig her sense of style. Yesterday she wore neon pink leggings, a multi-colored skirt my mom made her, and a printed purple top. With her skates, of course. Today she’s wearing purple jeans, a navy blue polka dotted short sleeved top, and a long sleeved white t-shirt underneath (pretty calm for her, actually), but she’s still got her skates on.


I love that she loves rollerskating — I did, too. Maybe lots of people would die of shock to find out I let her skate inside, but this house is for living in, and there isn’t anywhere she can skate outside with all this snow.

B. got these skates with birthday money sent by his sweet grandparents. His sense of style includes seeing how long he can wear his PJs and whether or not I’ll let him wear them to the store (confession, sometimes I do).

roller skating

If anyone was wondering, I still love my carbonized bamboo floors, and they’re officially into their 9th year. Roller skating hasn’t seemed to do anymore damage than kids + dogs do.

roller skating

Maybe we can clear out a big section of the shop and turn it into a roller skating rink. It’s so cold out there, though. We’re only heating it a tiny bit to keep pipes from freezing. It’s not a real pleasant place to hang out this time of year.

Have any locals tried out the roller rink in Ammon? We drive by it all the time but I’ve never gotten up the nerve to check it out. Maybe we’ll go on Miss K’s next ‘mom day.’

And this one doesn’t have anything to do with rollerskating — I just love listening to them both practice in the mornings.



  1. Charli says

    My little sister says the rink isn’t too ghetto or anything and that only kids go (as opposed to a bunch of teens hanging out, I guess). If it helps any.

  2. Deann says

    Yay for skating in the house!! We did that as kids, and I let my kids do it. We discovered the best place to practice rollerblading backwards and spins was in my parent’s food storage room.. long skinny room with cement floors = perfect for catching yourself.

    That’s great that there’s still a rink near you, the two in Ogden are gone.

    • jessica says

      I skated all over in the basement before my folks finished it, but then we had carpet everywhere, boo hoo!

      They seem to be a dying breed… we’ll have to check ours out.

  3. Keira says

    I’ve been there as a teen and as a grownup. I will say that the floors aren’t perfectly flat, there are a couple of patch jobs. But as far as reasonable prices and big open spaces? Perfect. And it’s usually a great amount of people there. Never too busy, but never so empty that everyone left is watching you. Most of the time they have free skating, but occasionally they have games to play.

      • jessica says

        Awesome, thanks! I think we’ll have to go – you should come, does Aubree like to skate?

        p.s. Just got caught up on your blog – so sorry about the ruling :( but your attitude is marvelous. xox

        • Keira says

          She’d Love to skate! She begs every year. And I did it all the time as a kid… but she’s never done it. I should work on that. I wish we had more TIME!

  4. trena says

    so many fond memories of skating at Starlight skating (the people that used to own it (and maybe still do?) at one time lived in what was the ‘boonies’ of Ammon (which is funny now) out by Cloverdale and they had a car that was shaped like a huge blue roller skate–you could see it parked in their driveway as you would drive by on the road (that was always a highlight of driving out that way when I was little). I think it’s a little run-down (do they ever/have they ever done anything with that stage?), but still LOTS of fun!!!

  5. Kathy says

    I LOVE that you let them skate in the house. I let my daughter use her scooter in our house. We have laminate flooring and it’s great fun. I figure if it doesn’t hurt anyone why not? I know some moms think I’m crazy but my daughter is happy and it doesn’t bother ME. Also, Tucson summers are too hot so it’s that or she’s bouncing off the walls!

    • jessica says

      I have a neighbor that always takes her shoes off when she comes over, and I’m like, “Oh, no, seriously. You do not have to worry about babying my floors!” I figure the cool thing about having wood / bamboo is that we can refinish them if they ever get completely trashed.

  6. Kerry says

    Wow, has it really been 9 years since you moved to Idaho? Time flies! Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I still follow your blog and check in on you from time to time. Glad you are still posting!

  7. Michelle @ needle and nest says

    I think it’s so cool that girls still love to roller skate. Your daughter looks so cute in her skates and snappy outfit! I remember when I got my first pair of roller skates… it was waaaay back in the ’80s and they were white with a picture of Garfield the cat on the side. I’m fairly certain they had orange wheels and laces. All the kids at my Catholic school loved to roller skate, and we looked forward to the monthly skating parties that the school hosted on a Friday night at the local roller rink.

    You’re an awesome mama to let your little ones roller skate in the house! They’re building wonderful memories every time they roll down the hall. :)

    • jessica says

      Mine were those white ones with a red stripe up the back. Oh my, I loved them. I broke my wrist skating, but that didn’t stop me.

      Ha ha, well, I’m sure lots of mamas would argue with that, but I’m glad the kiddos are having a good time.

  8. Grandma Debbie says

    I just need to add in here that the skirt I made Miss K came WAY below her knees back in the day. She’s growing and growing! Reminds me of another little girl who used to like to skate!

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