Origami Owl Living Locket Giveaway!

Winner Update: So sorry for the delay everyone! My recent OS upgrade on my desktop results in really funky wifi problems. (Anyone else with Mountain Lion ready to chuck their computer out into the street? I have to turn wifi on and off a million times in order to connect… first world problems, I know.)

I loved all of your comments, you had such good ideas! I wish I could give you all gift certificates. Random.org selected comment #33, so skipping a couple of comments that didn’t count (mom & Angie’s), Gretchen is our winner!

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 11.10.46 AM

I’ve emailed Gretchen and copied Angie, but Angie would like you all to know that you can earn a free locket if you’d like to throw an Origami Owl party:

Ladies- for those that aren’t the lucky winner of my giveaway can still be winners!!! Have a party! Just because I am in FL doesn’t mean you can’t get hostess rewards and get FREE jewelry!!! I can do catalog parties for you if you want to earn your Locket FREE! Email me to find out how. :)

Congrats Gretchen!

Original Post

I had just sworn off doing any more sponsored posts or giveaways when Angie emailed me wondering if I would do a sponsored post for her Origami Owl Living Lockets. Well. She so generously participated in the charity auction Kat and Tracy cooked up for me, how could I say no? Besides, these lockets are really clever and sweet.

The story of the company is adorable. Founded by a 14 year old girl named Bella, Origami Owl’s mission statment is:

To be a force for good; to love, inspire, and motivate women of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Angie wanted me to design a locket on her website so she could send me one I liked. Don’t laugh, but I was immediately paralyzed with indecision. I’m really intimidated by jewelry and stick to my wedding ring and the occassional earrings. Necklaces and bracelets are outside my comfort zone, but thankfully they have a how to build page that walks you through the steps:

One thing I think the site could use more of are example ideas. I ended up poking through some of the photos Angie submitted for the auction so I could better see what the lockets might look like all put together. I’m not on Facebook, and didn’t think to check her facebook page where there are lots more lockets to look at.

I finally decided on a silver locket (I’m so not a gold person) with birthstones for each of my kids (Miss K’s is a heart at her request), initials for me and E, a love charm, and a family plate. To finish it off, I got the tree of life dangle. Angie helped me choose the chain, because I had no idea. It shipped really quickly, and the packaging was adorable. I’m kind of a sucker for thoughtful packaging:

Origami Owl cute packaging


Origami Owl cute packaging

The pink thing to the right is a little jewelry holder that opens when you squeeze the points. Handy for traveling:

Origami Owl cute packaging

More cute packaging surprises:

Origami Owl cute packaging

And here’s my Origami Owl locket all put together:

Cute locket

One side of the locket opens up so you can slide everything in. It closes with a really strong magnet – you need to slip a fingernail in and pry it open, so there is no fear of anything falling out while you’re wearing it. Though they caution not to wear it in the water, of course, it would fill right up with fluid!

Angie wanted a picture of me wearing the locket, and getting one was absolutely hilarious. We tried lots of different rooms and lighting and well, we laughed a lot. Finally I got one in the front room by propping the camera on the bookcase, but I can’t even tell you how much this picture makes me giggle. I match my walls! And you can’t really see the locket details, but you can see how long it is, and where it sits. My chain is the 32″ flat oval one here.

Because Angie wanted one

Oh my hilarious. I think selfies are so silly.

So! I love my locket, even though I’m not a necklace person. I’ve worn it to church and to a big Relief Society meeting, to the store, and on a Girls’ Night Out and got lots of compliments. At first it drove me crazy that the little items inside bounced around, but I’m over it. It’s fun and relaxed and my kids *love* pointing out their birthstones and have decided whoever’s is on top, he/she is my favorite right then. Ha ha, I deserve that – I make my mom crazy by insisting my baby sister is her favorite sh, don’t tell anyone, but she totally is.

$50 Credit Giveaway!

Would you like to win a $50 credit to Angie’s shop? I bet you would! Why don’t you take a look at her online store and check out her facebook page for lots more inspiration and ideas for locket designs. Then, come back here and leave a comment telling me what you might put inside your locket. There are all kinds of options and themes – charms to represent hobbies, lovey things to represent a relationship, Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary, items of faith (even a CTR badge!), and lots more — I think a locket filled up with birthstones would be so lovely as a Mother’s Day gift for mamas and grandmas.

The contest will close Friday at 10pm MST. I’ll choose a random comment via Random.org and update the post with the winner. I’ll put the winner in touch with Angie so you can pick out your locket and use your $50 credit. High five for giveaways!


  1. Annika says

    What a cute way to do a family necklace! I think if I were to get one it would be for my sister, who is getting married next fall. I’d put in some charms to represent her and her husband-to-be, like their birthstones and maybe a gear (she likes steampunk). And an “always” plate, of course.

  2. Jade Garn says

    I love all of the options! I would get the vintage hummingbird, the cowboy boot and the birthstones of my two daughters. I think I’d have my plate say “Love”. Such a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  3. Erica says

    I’m glad you featured this company, because while I checked it out during the benefit for you, I didn’t really understand how to put it all together. Seeing what you had done helped me a lot. I would LOVE to win a credit, because the necklace I just put together will cost over $150!

    I found a pretty rose locket with bling around it, and would fill it with my husband’s and my initials, and then birthstones for each of our kiddos–round for the boys, hearts for the girls. Would like to get it to say “blessed.”

    Thanks for taking time to show this to us!

  4. Corrie says

    I love this! I love the Love charm and the sign language charm. I would add my three kids initials and toss in the birthstones! So cute! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Helena says

    I would love to get this for my niece-in-law, and I would choose the sewing machine and birthstones for each of her three kids. . .

    Also, how HAWT does your hair look?

    LOLOL. I likes me a brunette. . .

    Note from Jessica – I combined your two comments so they didn’t count as two entries. Thank you for the compliment :o)

  6. cara says

    I would do something really similar to your necklace, even down to the family tree dangley thingy. I also really like the angel charm and could see myself gifting that to a friend who has recently experienced several heartbreaking losses.

  7. angela s says

    Nice! I’d love the silver medium locket with round birth stones for each of our kids and foster kids we’ve had. I love this!

  8. Maureen says

    If I won this giveaway, I would definitely make a locket full of charms about my family – maybe my three children’s birthstones or the charms that are children and have their birthstones in them. I would probably get the mom heart in silver too. I love how you can personalize the lockets!

    [email protected]

  9. Janine says

    This is such a unique idea and I love it. I would definitely get the birthstones of my three children, an apple because I teach kindergarten, the sign language “I love you”, the faith charm, the “blessed” plate, in the silver locket with crystals, and the crystal cross dangle. It would be a constant reminder of all my blessings.

  10. Amie says

    I JUST heard about this company for the first time, today, and was looking at their catalog. Crazy!

    My mom has a necklace similar to this and I’ve always wanted one. My dad made it for her out of two watch fronts screwed together. Of course it had all our birthstones. Then anytime they went somewhere special together, she would find something new to add to it. So now it has a teeny tiny shell from a Hawaiian beach, a splinter of petrified wood, special pebbles, etc.

    I would of course have special charms for each of my children (how cute is that little pink crown?!?) and my husband. Then add books, coffee, wine. Hmm, that’s a lot. Maybe two lockets – one with family and one just for me! I would also probably add special little trinkets like a snippet of yarn or thread.

  11. angie Carter says

    Thank you Jessica for your post. I am so very happy you love your locket! As a long time reader of your Blog I am so very honored to bring one of your other readers some locket love!

  12. Tina says

    I love it! I would have to do the blessed plate and a stone or charm for each boy (4 different birth months so 4 different charms would be colorful)–and I Like the idea of initials for my husband and myself. And like you, in silver! :)

  13. Michelle @ needle and nest says

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m like you, Jessica. I generally only wear my wedding rings and the earrings my hubby gave me for our wedding. After that, I’m a lost cause. These pockets look like something I’d wear, though, because they’re completely customized. I’d probably put my children’s birthstones, a sewing machine and a faith charm of some sort inside. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Erin O says

    I love these! What a great idea! I see so many that I would like, but I think I would keep it simple with birthstones and initals!

  15. Kate says

    I love the idea of these necklaces! My favorite charm was the coral cameo (probably because I’m secretly an old lady! Ha).

  16. monique says

    Wow, that is a really cool way to customize a gift. I am always looking for gifts for my mom and this would be perfect. There are too many grandchildren to get one stone for each but I’d have to come up with something.

  17. Grandma Debbie says

    Oh you! Favorites??? Whatever! xoxox
    I love your locket! I too was puzzled by how they would go together, but now I’ve seen yours, I want one too someday! And you look totally smashing, darling!

  18. Jennifer says

    So cute! I love the birthstones! Sweetest. I might put in some farm animals. Do they have chickens and dairy goats and little pigs? There are so many cool options! (I like your little tree too)

  19. Jorja says

    Oh my gosh! How stinkin cute is that!!! Gosh I wish they had something for kidneys. My husband has kidney failure (on dialysis, waiting for a transplant) and I would love to make something for my mother in law with kidneys and hope and love. So so so special!

  20. Trina says

    Oh MY! These are BEAUTIFUL! I’d pick a ‘blessed’ plate and fill it with the love charm, 5 birthstones, and an M. Then I’d include a dangle of the cross and maybe ‘gratitude’. I’m totally pinning this site, creating a “wishlist” folder for myself — something I’ve resisted until now. :)

  21. Elizabeth Connick says

    Wow, beautiful AND overwhelming! I’d have to go with a turtle for my daughter and a starfish for my son, dog bone for beloved Winnie!

  22. Kristi G. says

    I would put in the vintage rose (for my daughter), the infinity sign (for my husband), and the sign language I love you sign (for my son). I just love the idea behind these necklaces and love, love, love that it was started by a young woman. Wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Emily says

    Oh my gosh! Your locket is amazing! I would put birthstones for my children and a microphone for my husband inside. I had hoped to find a chicken or yarn/knitting needles for me, but the sewing machine is the closest.

  24. Stacey K. says

    I would totally get one for my mom with all the kids and grandkids birthstones, some symbols of faith, and get a longish chain since she doesn’t like things tight around her neck! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  25. mamalang says

    I have seen these and think they are adorable, although a little splurgy :) I would love to put one together for my mom with the kids birthstones and a grandma charm though. I do love how you can always purchase charms, etc and add them later as well.

  26. Meaghan says

    I think i would do birthstones of my family and maybe the pet symbols ?…….i would have to spend some time thinking about it, but i would LOVE to put one together :)

  27. Michelle says

    What a sweet alternative to birthstone rings and necklaces. I’d definitely fill one with our birthstones, and a heart-shaped stone for February for our anniversary.

    I know what you mean when you say you feel intimidated by jewelry. I envy women who wear colorful, chunky necklaces and bracelets. When I try to, I feel like a little girl who has been playing in her mother’s jewelry box.

  28. sarah says

    I just heard of Origami Owl last week….can’t afford it, but with a credit of fifty bux I sure could! I would fill mine with the family’s birthstones and a cross.

  29. Stephanie says

    I love how you let Miss K pick the heart out. I’d have a birthstone for each of my boys and something for my husband and myself. I put a cross in there and maybe a computer. I really do love the concept of these and I can see getting one for the grandmas.

  30. jess says

    I wish they had more example photos too.

    I’ve been wanting a necklace that has something for each of my kids, so I would probably copy you with birthstones for each of my kids (hearts for girls) and then an “inspire” plate. I think I’d get other dangling charms with Barry and I’s initials and a “tree of life.”

    OR I’d get one for my daugher with a ctr and a guitar and a dream plate and her birthstone.

  31. SaMaTo says

    So darling! Love all of their stuff! I would do one with things that my little sister loved with her initial. She passed away last January.

  32. sarah says

    So adorable!! I would get (and prob will!) some birthstones: Husband, Baby & Me, and a charm. Cute and simple!

  33. Kara says

    I used to have a necklace with baby rings for each of my children on it. Unfortunately, I lost it a few months ago when my son was hospitalized for 6 days for a video EEG. My husband said he would replace it for me. I have been looking for something similar but different though since the original necklace isn’t really replaceable to me. I think these would be perfect. I would actually copy you by getting a birthstone charm for each of my children, round for the boys and hearts for the girls. I would get the silver mom charm for me and 3 little angels for my miscarriages. I think that would leave enough room for DH to pick out his own charm. I can’t decide between the family dangling charm because it makes sense with the necklace or the little owl because I like it so much.

  34. kris says

    These are AWESOME! I want one with my kids birthstones, a cat charm with a plate that says “love life” on it.

  35. Cyl says

    I went ahead and ordered one but will still enter. This is what mine has: the same 32 inch chain as Jessica’s, a large round locket, the large INSPIRE plate, 5 birthstone charms for my children, my initial and my husband’s, and a G Clef. My dangle is a dark sea green bead. I wanted the sea green flower but it was out of stock.

    If I win I can get one for my daughter or something.

  36. Mom2Eight says

    I’ve always wanted a mother’s ring in the form of a necklace, but they usually limit how many birthstones you can add. Eight is just too many!

    This locket idea sounds perfect for that!

  37. sharon klein says

    The Origami Owl Living Lockets are just too Amazing to make a choice right now… They are awesome. I hope I win … I love the charms and chains, lockets, plates.. They are wonderful… lol.. I want one..

  38. Jean says

    It’s so hard to choose. I’m not a gold person either, but I do like mixed metals. I’m thinking silver locker, small rose gold always plate, birthstones for my two girls and initials for me and the hubs. I might also do an angel wing for my mom, who died a couple of years ago. Thank you for the giveaway!

  39. Katherine says

    How fun! I’m not a huge jewelry person either, but I like this! I would get the “golden wing” in the vintage section. It reminds me of the old running symbols and he is a crazy ultra-runner. (A 50K this weekend– who does that??)

  40. Christina says

    I would probably fill mine with birthstones for my husband and I along with an T initial for our last name. I would also add the silver cross and the wedding ring. I adore the rose gold locket with a silver blessed plate and a rose gold always plate. I would probably hang it from the silver flat oval chain. So pretty. *sigh*

  41. Barbie says

    These are fabulous! I absolutely would have a mom charm, birthstones for my girls, wedding ring, ballet shoes and a sewing machine. Thanks so much for the giveaway…bargains ROCK!

  42. Manda says

    Oh cute. I like seeing yours all put together. I’d like something similar but maybe add a rock climber or something like that.

  43. Francisca S. says

    I’d get the coffee/tea cup charm, the diamond ring charm, the pink puffy heart charm and just married charm :)

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  44. Leah B says

    This are so very cool. My locket would have my families birthstones, the always plate, and an elephant. Plus I love that as my family grows it seems to be easy to add onto the locket. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  45. Lorie H. says

    I would do mine very much like yours…kinda a mothers necklace of sorts. I really love the look and style of these necklaces!

  46. Kirsten says

    It would be fun to get the camera, typewriter… Or be nice to my mom and get birthstones of all the grand kids. I think I would love to print a mini photo of the kiddos to slip inside, too.

  47. Erin says

    Oh my! So much to choose from. I would keep mine in silver, with maybe a little bling. I like the real stone dangles, many of the heart charms, initials, maybe a number… it would take me a while to pick out the perfect combo. It would be cool if they had an oval locket too.

  48. Britney says

    Definitely something to represent each of my children and my husband. And a purple ribbon for cystic fibrosis awareness :) These are so cute and fun!

  49. Joy says

    I want something to respresent my husband and our marriage (almost 20 years!) and something for my daughters who will be leaving the nest soon (sob!). And maybe our pets…so many choices!!

  50. Jean says

    I would chose the birthstones of my husband and son, the tiny paw for my dog, the autism heart for my son and the family initials. :)

  51. Keira says

    I’ve been struggling so hard lately with the concept that I am lovable, so I’d give myself a reminder. I’d include the sign language I love you because my daughter and I always sign it to each other, the crown because of my divine nature, a fleur de lis because I went to Louisiana for my honeymoon, a sparrow because God knows all the sparrows that fall, and a pearl because my ring is a pearl.

    P.S. Are you interested in this? http://hilaryweeks.com/blog/?p=1332. I thought of you.

  52. Tracy says

    Ooohhh, I loved Angie’s product line during the auction and would love to create on for myself! I would get a Star of David for my all-things-Jewish passion, the ASL I Love You hand because I sign and we use it to send love notes to each other all the time, a music note for my amazing musical children, a silver infinity because I love math AND I believe there is no end to our souls, the number 7 because it is the most holy number and is super special to me, a Tree of Life Dangle, a silver locket, and the True plate. I don’t even want to add all that up!

  53. Tish says

    The only jewelry I wear are my watch (a silver and black Casio with a rubber watchband- strudy and waterproof so I can wear it swimming) and my wedding ring, but these lockets really appeal to me. Fun and unique. I think I’d go with a silver locket, a pink pearl dangle and silver angel wing dangle in memory of my Mom, and “family” back on the locket though I don’t know if I could fit 7 birthstones for my knids inside. Hmm, 2 of my boys were born in August and 2 girls in October- maybe they could share? Thanks Angie and Jessica. I’ll definitely keep O2 in my faves. My 4 daughters are definitely jewelry wearing girly girls, unlike their Mom!

  54. jennifer wexler says

    i would put a wedding ring, infinity sign, paw print, and bone to represent my family

  55. Sarah says

    I would put initials of the grandkids for my mother in law and blessed as the word as well as maybe the cross dangle! very cool idea

  56. angie Carter says

    Ladies- for those that aren’t the lucky winner of my giveaway can still be winners!!! Have a party! Just because I am in FL doesn’t mean you can’t get Hostess rewards and get FREE jewelry!!! I can do catalog parties for you if you want to earn your Locket FREE! Email me to find out how. :) [email protected]

  57. shannon says

    The movement driving me crazy was the first thing I thought of.

    The Eiffel tower charm, a birth stone for her special month, with some pink bling, a rose and other ‘your mother loves you always & you can do anything you amazing creature you.’ tag element … that’s probably what I would do. And the necklace would be worn all the time.

  58. Amy says

    I’ve seen these before and love them!!!! I’ve wanted to get one ever since I first saw them a few months ago. I would definitely get my kids birthstones and a “blessed” plate. I might also get the “key to my heart” charm to go inside. Love these!

  59. Stacie says

    I love this! I want one for my big birthday upcoming and I would fill it with tiny reminders of the two things that bring me the most joy: faith and family.

  60. jessica says

    i’d love to do something to highlight my sweet family and the fact that i get to be with them forever. initials? birthstones? maybe include the infinity charm? so many options to choose from! hope i get the chance :) thanks for doing this great giveaway.

  61. Heather says

    These are so pretty and unique..I love how it’s like a little shadowbox with all sorts of treasures inside :).. I would choose something antique looking and something that represents our little family..love it!!

  62. Ginny says

    Okay, so repick if this chooses me, as I’m not the necklace type, but I just HAVE to say- Ohmygosh your hair looks soo fantastic. I’m glad you’re sticking with growing it out. It looks super healthy!

  63. Aimee says

    This is a neat concept I’ve not heard of before. Brilliant! I would fill a locket with initial letters & birthstones. Simple! Thx for the chance & for introducing me to this place!

  64. Lori says

    OH MY how cute. I don’t even know, there are so many choices…. “inspire” perhaps with a vintage typewritter, a book, and a sewing machine, or a “love” one with family initials or birthstones – and a little plane showing how this whole inter-continental family all began thanks to a little trip on a plane to Scotland… I just don’t know! Love this idea, I am just in love.

  65. amy says

    I love these so much. My children are adopted so I would like to make one more my 3 yr old daughter to present to her when she’s a bit older with things that represent her heritage and birth parents she will never meet. Thank you for asking!


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