Goldfish Cracker Supermodels

Personalized goldfish party packages

It’s true, I work for Pepperidge Farm writing monthly articles at Goldfish Smiles, and I know it can be harder to listen / read / pay attention when someone is ‘shilling’ for a company, but you guys. Goldfish Crackers. I mean, these are not a hard-sell, right? These are a classic snack from my childhood that my children naturally adore. So when Goldfish offered to send me one of their new, customizable party packs, I jumped at the chance.

I think this is such a brilliant idea. You can choose from three products you want to customize:


Next, you choose your occasion – a birthday party or an everyday celebration. I went with the latter, since all our birthdays over with in the winter, and customized for an end of school party. Goldfish My Way lets you enter your messages, and upload photos (you can scale and rotate the pictures); it’s all really simple to do.

I entered kind of generic messages so I could get the same design for all four kids, and so I could share these pics on ye olde blogge:

Personalized goldfish party packages

A word of caution: When my kids opened up their surprises, they thought they were going to be on EVERY SINGLE package in stores. They were heady with the thrill of fame. I had to let them down and tell them these packages were made just for us before they ran out and told their friends to look for their faces at the grocery store. My oldest was particularly disappointed. His shoulders sagged and he said, “So close. I was almost a Goldfish Supermodel.” We all had a good laugh.

Personalized goldfish party packages

You can reuse the same picture on the back, or upload a different one. I went with one where N is looking especially happy (ha ha):

Personalized goldfish party packages

Then you get to select your goldfish cracker colors. I think this is super fun, you can make them match your party’s theme, or just choose your kids’ favorite colors.


Finally, you get to order the quantity you want of your customized item. The big gift boxes are $14.95 per box (this is what we got, I ordered 4). The small party favors are $42 for a set of 12. The cute little themed party cups are $25 for a set of 25.


I fully intended to do a real end of the school year / start of summer party, but we decided to do a little bit of summer school. In addition, the kids found the package before I did and had already opened it. Oh well! Be warned – if you order these for a surprise party, the box does not come unmarked!

I think they are a really fun idea, and would be sweet for any kids’ party. My pack rats kids loved the gift boxes so well (they are really sturdy) they kept them and have turned them into treasure boxes in their rooms.

With that, I’ll do a really smooth segue (I’m such a pro) into my article that’s live now over at Goldfish Smiles.

I’m always amazed at the rhythm we settle into when we’re camping. Far away from our modern conveniences, I find it soothing to cook our meals over a fire. Instead of being ruled by alarm clocks, we rise with the sun, and go to bed when it is dark.

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This is a sponsored post – I received free product to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. xo!


  1. Heather Sanders says

    Goldfish Supermodels?! *snicker*

    I don’t remember Goldfish in my own childhood. Have they even been around THAT LONG?! ;) However, it was the first thing I grabbed off the shelf on my long grocery store excursions with kids. It meant I could shop without anyone crying or getting frustrated. Basketful of kids and Goldfish and I’d pay for the empty bag at the counter when all was done!

    • Jessica says

      A cute little grandmotherly lady in my culdesac growing up always had a drawer full for us after we jumped on her trampoline! She was the goldfish lady and her husband who always had pocketfuls of jellybeans for us was the jellybean man. :o)

      Oh don’t you love that? Here, eat this, and stay happy for me and I’ll pay for the bag… of course I’m guilty of wolfing down something delicious and paying for the wrapper as well, ha ha.

  2. Liz says

    Looks like lots of fun for the young ones and I loved the messages to them regarding end of school fun! Super tasty treat too. : )

  3. jamie says

    I miss goldfish. We have some serious sensitivities in this house, and msg is a huge trigger for us. Sniff.

      • jamie says

        Yeah, it’s called autolyzed yeast, or autolyzed yeast protein. Boo to that. I’ll spare you my ingredients listing rant, and I’m in Canada, so it’s moderately better than you guys, LOL! This is a good site for different msg names,

        I haven’t seen it! Thank you!! We’re doing a gluten free/dairy free trial right now, and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it’s made with our son.

        • Jessica says

          The things I learn. That is so good to know, and what a great site, bookmarking – thanks!

          I’m amazed at how much better I feel without gluten. I’m not super duper sensitive (I can share the butter dish), but regular breads, crackers, etc. give me horrid stomach aches.

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