Holiday Book Group Order

Okay, so I’m insane, and I started building a shopping cart for the Butterfly Oils order. It’s going to make ordering so awesome, but is of course — as these things do — taking longer than anticipated, especially since I can only work on it after regular work hours.

I was going to run an Usborne & Barefoot Books group order after the oil order, but I think I’ll start the books first while I finish the oil since I haven’t gone bananas building a cart for those yet. It’s probably better this way so you can get some bargain books for Christmas & holiday presents, yes? I can’t believe we’re already nearly halfway through November. EEK.

The oils cart isn’t fancy, it’s just taking forever to enter in the all the oils and their different bulk sizes (anyone feel like helping me with boring data entry?) I should have it ready to go by the end of the week. I hope the change in schedule doesn’t mess anyone up too much, holler if it does and I can have stuff drop shipped to you quicker.

—- Okie dokie, here’s the standard group order stuff —-

You’ll receive 30% off Usborne titles and 30% off Barefoot Books titles (plus any other cards, games or activities they have in their catalogs). The books ship to me, where I sort them into your orders, and then ship your books to you via media mail. You only pay shipping from me to you!

The group order starts today, and I’ll close it Monday, November 18th at midnight MST. I’ll get the order placed that week, and then hopefully they’ll arrive during the last week in November. They should get to you the first or second week in December. Media mail is a bit slower, but hopefully that’s plenty of time to get your orders in before the holiday. I think it’ll be too tight for International orders though I’m happy to try.

Usborne and Barefoot Books Orders

How to Order

First things first: If you want to order books from both Usborne and Barefoot Books, please note that you will be submitting separate order forms for each so I can keep everything straight. Thank you!

1. Browse the this Usborne catalog*, and the Barefoot Books store or Barefoot Books online paper catalog and make your selections.

(*Please note I can’t get everything that is listed in Usborne consultant shops, so be sure to use this catalog to make your group order buys!)

2. Total up the retail cost of your books, and make a note of it. Figure your discounted total by multiplying the retail total by 0.7 — so a $45 retail total x 0.7 = $31.50.

3. Use the table below to figure out your shipping price.

4. Add your discounted total to your shipping rate (eg: $31.50 + $7.00 = $38.50) and make a note of your final total.

5. Navigate to and log in with your account. Click “Send Money” and enter my email address: verymom (at) gmail (dot) com. Enter your total, and then please select sending money to family or friends. If you need to pay with a credit or debit card, please add the fees (it will calculate them for you) to your total.

Note: You are welcome to total up both Usborne and Barefoot Books orders and pay for them with one payment, but I will need the book lists for each company submitted separately, see below.

6. Finally, come back here and use the appropriate form to submit your order to me:

Note! There are 15 slots for your book choices on the formd. If you need more space, just fill out another, and I’ll combine your submissions.

Domestic U.S. Shipping Table (Media Mail)

(If your shipping total seems ‘off’ contact me and I’ll see what I can figure out. Thank you!)

Order Total Per Shipping Address Shipping & Handling
$0.01-$7.00 $3.00
$7.01-$20.00 $6.95
$20.01-$30.00 $7.95
$30.01-$40.00 $8.95
$40.01-$50.00 $9.95
$50.01-$65.00 $11.95
$65.01-$80.00 $13.95
$80.01-$100.00 $14.95
$100.01-$150.00 $16.95
$150.01 and up 12% of Total

Trying to estimate International shipping rates is next to impossible. If you’re in Canada or beyond, email me with your order and I’ll try to get you a better estimate *before* you submit your order through the forms — keep in mind the USPS has recently raised prices, making cross-border shipping pretty ridiculous.

Nitty Gritty

Sometimes items are sold out or on backorder, if this happens with anything in your order, I’ll send you refund for that item.

No surprise tax on this one! The shipping has enough of a cushion to provide for a few packing supplies I will need. I will try to use recycled boxes and packing supplies as much as possible, so forgive me if your box isn’t pretty!

I think that’s all – happy book shopping!


  1. Kathy says

    I see these book orders and wish I could turn back time. My daughter is almost 13 now so too old. Boo.

    • says

      Ooh, Usborne and Kane Miller (in the Usborne catalog) has lots of great books for the 11 – 15 crowd!

      • Kathy says

        Say it isn’t so!!! I’m off to read your new post about these. Squeee!

  2. Shabnam says

    The links aren’t working for the order forms. Can you let me know how to order? Thanks

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