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Usborne Books

Well, the crickets are chirping on the book order post, maybe there isn’t enough interest? I’ll share what my kids have circled in the catalog, and we’ll see how it goes. Even on tiny book orders, we can usually meet the bottom-line minimums for the handful of folks that want some books. It might just be me and my mom :o)

Okay, sorry I can’t link these directly to the catalog, but I’ve given you page numbers. On most browsers, you can open the PDF catalog and then hit control F (or apple F) and then start typing to search. It’s fabulous. It’ll jump you down to wherever the book title is located. For the utterly confused, the catalog has Usborne titles in the first part of the catalog, and Kane Miller titles in the back.

Usborne books

Mr. B – age 4.8

Rescue Missions is on page 9 of the catalog, Telling the Time is on page 35, Sticker Dressing Pirates is on page 45, and the Whatif Monster Set is on page 11 of the Kane Miller catalog.

I also have my eye on these for him:

Lots of Things to Find and Color – page 74, Monsters Aren’t Real – page 36 of the Kane Miller part of the catalog, The Children Who Loved Books is on page 6 of the Kane Miller catalog, and The Treasury of Animal Stories is on page 82.

B’s Usborne favorites include: That’s not my… books on page 28. He can read them himself now, and they never cease to amuse. Hide-and-Seek Dragons on page 30, the Phonics Workbooks on page 34, the Wipe-Clean books on page 35 have been a hit, though we always lose the marker, a regular dry erase marker works fine. B. loves the big square picture books on page 50 and 51, I think we have them all. The Big Books with flaps on page 57 are favorites. Kane Miller favorites are: My Body Science Series on page 20. And Why? and You Choose are tattered favorites around here (You Choose gets fought over) they are both on page 42.

Some of my girly's favorites

Miss K – almost 8

Sticker Dressing Action! page 8, Country Estate 1900-1920 Fashion Stickers is on page 9, Nature to Color is on page 10, and Amy Wild Animal Talker is a new series on page 15.

She’s also circled Big Drawing Book on page 38, and the Billie B. Brown series on page 8 of the Kane Miller section.

K’s Usborne favorites are: Sticker Dolly Dressing Books on pages 42 and 43 (she has circled all the books she doesn’t already own). Usborne Stories for Little Girls, page 49. She’s a huge fan of the wipe-clean activity cards on page 63, though I confess we’ve destroyed most of the boxes and keep them all in a shoe-box sized Sterilite container. They came out with ‘Activity Tins’ on page 64 for activity cards, and I think those are brilliant. K has adored the Silverlake Fairy School series on page 95, and I cannot say enough good things about the Anna Hibiscus series on page 23 of the Kane Miller catalog.

The Usborne book of Drawing, doodling and colouring

N – age 10

The Mythical 9th Division Series looks hysterical, though we can’t get book 4 in the states yet. Books 1 – 3 are on page 25 of the Kane Miller catalog.

N. is very grumpily refusing to tell me what his favorites are. I know he likes the Discovery Adventures on page 99 of the Usborne catalog. He (and everybody) enjoys the See Inside science, math, and history books on page 102. And all of the books on page 105 we own are tattered and well-loved. The history books, especially. Both older boys really like the Story of… books, three of which are on page 111.

Usborne Books

J – age 12

J has the first book of the Wickit series and would like the second (the first one looks like it’s out of stock.) It’s on page 25 of the Kane Miller catalog. He also likes the look of the Extreme Adventures Series on page 23 of the Kane Miller section. The first book is Crocodile Attack. He’s also interested in reading the rest of the Conspiracy 365 series, on page 27 of the Kane Miller section.

J’s favorites are much the same as N’s. All those science, history, and math books are super fun. He also likes the Art Treasury book on page 79, and has gobbled up the World Wars books on page 103 – last year, he used a huge map and various game pieces to plot the first and second world wars as he read about them. Super coolness. He’s our Geography buff, so he also has a dog-eared copy of The Usborne Geography Encyclopedia on that same page.

I’ll do our favorite Barefoot Books tomorrow – let me know if you have any questions or would like any recommendations for an age range!

Photo credits: Usborne Publishing, Me, The Unskinny Boppy, Fred Blunt, zooivlooi on Flickr – click photos for links.


  1. Natalie says

    Thanks for the recommendations. I was actually going to ask what were some of your favorites.

    Ques: which world history book do you like – “the encyclopedia of world history” or “the book of world history” (both pg. 105). Or something else? We use Story of the World and I’m looking for something to complement that program. Thanks!

    • says

      I love them both, but we used just the Book of World History together with a Child’s History of the World. The Story of the World covers a lot more so maybe you’d be happier with the Encyclopedia which is also really great.

  2. Melissa says

    I am definitely interested and compiling a list for my kids and all the kids on the Christmas list!

  3. Kathy B says

    Sorry – I have no use for the books – but am anxiously awaiting the essential oils!

    • says

      No problem! I should have the oil order ready by the end of the week / weekend. I’m excited about the new ordering system, it’s going to be so lovely!

  4. Kathy says

    I have found several I’d like to get for my tween. Thanks for pointing out that there were books for the older set. I’ll sit down in the next couple of days and do my order.

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