An unpinnable Easter

I took some advice from some smart folks on Twitter and decided against Easter baskets with paper grass that gets everywhere & a bunch of dollar store stuff that just ends up broken. Instead I picked up a bunch of board games, Play-Doh packages, and just a few of their favorite candy bars. I threw in a package of pre-filled plastic eggs (jellybeans) at the last minute because I knew they’d be disappointed without an egg hunt.

It was certainly different in this smaller place. All the kids are sleeping in the family room since our cat decided to have her kittens (planned, please don’t yell at me!) on their bedroom floor & we were only 3 days post birth. I had to wait for everyone to fall asleep — and nearly fell asleep myself and ruined everything, ack — before creeping around their sleeping bodies and stashing stuff here and there. It looks so sparse in this photo, but man – we just got rid of SO MUCH STUFFFFFF, I did not want to add more, and they were happy, so hooray.

Easter Bunnyish

When we got home I started our Easter feast. I went easy on myself and our tiny oven, and made a one-pot meal. I threw the pot roast, potatoes, and baby carrots into the roasting pan with my go-to seasonings and gluten free gravy mixings. I knew I had about four hours and since the kids were happily playing board games I went to lie down for a nap.

At 6pm I woke up to the smell of burning. GREAT. Not only had I overcooked the roast, all the carrots were burned, and all the gravy had scorched out of the pan. THEN I discovered I’d left the absorbent meat pad thing in the bottom of the pan! GROSS. The broccoli and salad were good :-/

We pulled the pumpkin pie out of the fridge — again, I’d decided to go easy on myself and bought one pre-made from the store. In my late Saturday night shopping I did not realize it was a ‘keep frozen and bake’ kind, I thought it was all done and ready to go. So it had turned to soup in its package. Good grief. Luckily the pie had a plastic wrap thing on it so it hadn’t spilled all over. We baked it later and it came out okay… but it wasn’t cooled & ready to eat until around 10pm. Sweet diggity jean.

I was about ready to scream, so we hopped in the car and went to our favorite place on the river. 55 degrees F, peeps! It felt amazing (don’t laugh you warm weather birds, you). A trip to the river is always a good place to go when I’m grouchy and nothing seems to be going right.

Easter river walk


Easter river walk

Easter river walk

Easter river walk

When we got home we had a family home evening on the resurrection and the atonement of Jesus Christ. I bawled through it as I am wont to do when I’m feeling all spiritual and grateful and stuff, and here we are. Kids are finally in bed, my charred roasting pan is soaking by the sink, various board game pieces are still scattered across the table so they can continue their game in the morning, and I’m actually tired at 1am. (I’ve been battling a week of stupid insomnia, but I’m making progress.)

Hope your weekend went much more smoothly! What did’ja do? Not burn any 20 dollar roasts or soupify pumpkin pie I hope. (I want a feast re-do.)


  1. Cyl says

    We were the family who headed to the Steak-n-Shake drive-thru on Christmas night because the dinner was catastrophic (only the mashed potatoes turned out).

    We were also the family who gave the kids a coloring book apiece and some of their favorite snack foods in the Easter baskets because we also don’t want to accumulate junk.

    Luckily (seriously, luck plays a part), dinner was perfect yesterday.

    • Jessica says

      I’m so glad something was open for you on Christmas! And I also want to know what I have to do to get a Steak and SHAKE drivethru near me. That sounds pretty divine, actually.

  2. Sue says

    That first picture of your kids made me laugh, love the variety in wardrobe choices. Your eldest son clearly has a real sense of occasion!

  3. Jenny says

    I’m sorry your Easter was frustrating! I feel your pain about the roast – we had bought a nice, big one for the holiday meal, and our freezer went out…everything was ruined before we discovered it. So dinner was more of a carb and vegetable affair, but it was fine. Banana pudding for dessert covers a multitude of sins!

    • Jessica says

      Oh no! I think my kids would have loved banana pudding, maybe I should stockpile some for just these kinds of emergencies :o)

  4. Jessica says

    The holidays and parties boards of Pinterest are just another way for women to feel inadequate and buy more crap to keep the economy afloat.

    The kids will remember those board games and a lovely family walk far longer than burnt food and disposable plastic crap. Combine the former with a nap for mom and it sounds like a highly-pinnable day for me!

    I was in bed all day watching British films. Tacos for dinner. It was a good Sunday.

  5. Alicia G says

    I did that with that gross meat pad thing too!!! It was supposed to be my first batch of bone broth on a chicken & I had to throw it all away. Grossssssss.

    I love what you did with gifts! We did a spring basket instead of Easter with things like a butterfly habitat & some sticker books. But for Easter our neighbors had an egg hunt so I threw one together with things like “bake cookies on a rainy day” and “choose a fun outing”. I am so over all the little tiny pieces of junk in our house so no way were we doing a basket of it!!

    • Jessica says

      Augh! I was so mad. I didn’t even notice it, the roast was a huge honking thing and $$$. Still pretty grumpy about it.

      That is so cute! I’m going to tuck that idea away for next year, I think they would love those little coupons or tickets.

  6. Jennifer says

    We went out. After a 2 hour church service kids were starving. We had the most pleasant meal and our server said we get parents of the year. That sure felt good after a tough week. Tore my tendon this morning so I’m limping and my house is a wreck. But the good news I have a huge ham to cook.

    • Jessica says

      Isn’t that so nice to hear? Nice of them to say, too :o)

      Oh no, I hope you are feeling better, and didn’t cook the ham with any plastic packaging *slaps head*

  7. Michelle says

    I’ve had a number of days like the one you described. One in particular landed me in such a state that I walked miles to my church (my car was out of service AGAIN), where I all buy laid in a pew and sobbed. There was an Grandmotherly woman there cleaning, and she sat with me and listened as I told her about the cookies I made that tasted like dirt, the laundry I did that came out of the dryer smelling worse than when it went in the washer, the wasp stings I got on my neck and arm when I took out the trash, and how my new husband had taken a new job that meant he travelled for 2 weeks at a time, leaving me all alone in a town where I didn’t know anyone.

    She just rubbed my back and let me cry and then she said, “Loneliness can make your cookies taste like dirt and your laundry smell like mold.” And then she gave me one last pat on the back and got up and left. It was just kind enough (and weird enough – I mean, that’s ALL she had to say?) that it snapped me out of my funk without sending me further down the rabbit hole of self-pity.


    Insomnia can make you burn your roast and melt your pie. *pats your back and walks out*

  8. IrishMum says

    Oh those kittens!! I want!! They would cheer even my darkest days, a little huge and cuddle would melt my worries away. We had an uneventful weekend, just the way I like it :)

    • Jessica says

      I think they’re starting to open their eyes a crack today, we’re so excited! The vet said not to hold them for two weeks and it’s killing us all. I really don’t think Dusty would mind, but I don’t want to cause any problems.

  9. Carrie says

    It happens to all of us at one time or another but it sounds like your family still had a great day! Loved the pictures. I can’t get through the “Because of Him” video that the church put out without bawling my eyes out. Actually anything about the Savior lately causes me to cry. My oldest daughter is on a mission and sends us all these wonderful stories about what is going on and how much we need to share the teachings of the Savior with others. Sigh. I’m going to be crying nonstop for the next six months until she gets home I’m afraid . . . .

  10. Heather says

    So, don’t think me rude when I say this, but I think this post is as hysterical as the poop in the toilet when you were trying to sell your home. And I know that is probably rude, and I don’t want to be rude, but the pie pushed me over the edge.


    Also, I have been cooking Paleo, gluten-free, sugar free, and dairy free EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 2 months now. My learning curve has been TREMENDOUS. So, I feel your pain.

    Love you!


    • Jessica says

      Ha ha. I can laugh about it now, almost a week later. I was supremely grumpy on Sunday though. The pie! Oh it was so sad. It was like, AT LEAST WE HAVE PIE, JUST KIDDING OMYGOSH. So sad.

  11. Lanna says

    I just fed nine for $13 (fried chicken, salad, home canned peaches) and eight for $15 (bourbon molasses chicken, roasted potato fingers, bananas/home canned peaches), and accepted the challenge of breaking into my uncle’s house and surprising him with food in his fridge/freezer (his “cooking” is nuking a Hungry Man, that’s it). Besides lost Legos in the yard, was a good weekend with all kinds of folks coming and going and kids playing out in the sunshine.

    • Jessica says

      You are the frugal queen Lanna! I’m so mad about that wasted roast. Ugh.

      Lost Legos in the yard! That’s way worse than lost Legos in carpet. 100 years from now someone will dig them up and hawk them on whatever 2114′s equivalent of ebay is and make a fortune.

  12. Annie says

    Haha! Oh, my! We don’t do dollar store crap either. That makes me crazy. We give them excessive amounts of sugar and reassess Sunday clothes needs and replenish as needed. Christmas is the same. My girl always gets a new Sunday dress and the boys usually get a new sweater vest or tie and if someone needs new shoes or pants or something they’ll get that, too.

    Since getting married I’ve broken tradition and don’t usually make dinner on Sunday. Half the time I end up napping until 5:30 so we just eat leftovers. Part of me kind of feels bad about losing that tradition but I’m also not willing to spend the entire afternoon in the kitchen after wrestling children through church. Easter was no exception. We had egg salad sandwiches. Whee! So sad about your roast and pie. Boo.

    • Jessica says

      So my break in tradition (my mom was/is a total Martha Stewart) is not cooking dinner like ever. So I try to make an effort on holidays. They all act like it’s the most amazing thing in the world to have something outside of dad’s normal dinners and I even kind of like it. But BLEH. I might be scarred for life now. At least I have until Thanksgiving to recover :oD

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