Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use (referred to as “Terms”) are presented to regulate your use of www.balancingeverything.com (the “Website”). The Terms apply to all Website visitors and take effect from the moment of the first Website visit. By using and accessing the Website, you fully accept and agree to these Terms.

1.       Your use of BalancingEverything

1.1.   You agree not to use the Website

1.1.1.       in any deceitful, misleading, and fraudulent way;

1.1.2.      for sending or posting content that is threatening, discriminatory, abusive, harassing, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable;

1.1.3.       to interfere with the use of this Website by other people;

1.1.4.       for sending or posting any advertising or promotional materials that haven’t been authorized, or spam of any kind;

1.1.5.       in ways that may be considered criminal, or in any way opposing the laws and rights of the people of any country;

1.1.6.       in ways that infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, or any other proprietary and intellectual property rights of any other party, or for posting content of which you do not hold the rights to make it available under any contractual relationship or law.

1.2.   Deploying any automated query programs, such as spiders, bots, and web crawlers, on this Website is always forbidden regardless of the reason. Crawling, cashing, scraping, or accessing the Website content in any other way is strictly prohibited. The use of any automated data extraction software or system on the Website is also forbidden, regardless of the reason. This is only allowed for those who have a written agreement with us that grants them the relevant permission for these activities.

1.3.   Any content and material you post or send to this Website (except personal data, which is handled per our Privacy Policy) shall not be treated as proprietary or confidential. We hold no liability nor have any obligations regarding that kind of material. We are therefore free to display, host, and otherwise use such material for any kind of purpose across the world.

2.       Intellectual Property

2.1.   Unless stated explicitly otherwise, this Website and all of its content (included but not limited to images, articles, text, and designs) are wholly owned by us. As such, the Website is protected by intellectual property rights, copyright, registered and unregistered trademarks, and any other applicable rights.

2.2.   Viewing and displaying our Website content is allowed on a desktop or any other device with an internet connection. Printing a copy of the content of this Website is permitted for personal and non-commercial use, under the following conditions only:

2.2.1.       All proprietary notices and copyrights must be intact;

2.2.2.       Using, copying, reproducing the content for commercial purposes is forbidden;

2.2.3.       You must contact us for our permission in case you want to use any of the content on this Website.

3.       Limitations of Liability

3.1.   We hold no liability for any indirect, direct, consequential, or incidental damages, or possible loss of data, profit, income or revenue that may result from your use of this Website.

3.2.   We aim to provide Website content that is reputable and correct. However, we give no guarantee that anything related to the Website content is complete, accurate, or current. We hold no liability for any reliance, by you or third parties, on any content on this Website.

3.3.   This Website features reviews of online services and other website builders that are published by Website users. These opinions provided by reviewers should be perceived solely as their view and not as the opinion of BalancingEverything. We hold no liability for any inaccuracies or errors, as well as any losses or damages that you or your reputation may suffer as the result of such reviews.

3.4.   This Website might include external links to other sites. We are in no way responsible or liable for the content on such third-party websites.

3.5.   This Website may include sponsorship and advertising. Sponsors and advertisers hold the responsibility to ensure that all the materials they provide are compliant with any applicable laws, regulations, and codes of practice. We hold no responsibility or liability for any possible errors or inaccuracies within the materials provided by sponsors and advertisers, as well as for any potential losses or damages that you might incur as a result of such materials.

4.       Availability of the Website

4.1.   We make no guarantees or promises that this Website shall meet all your requirements. We also make no guarantees or promises that the Website shall be fault-free. If any kind of fault takes place, you can report it to us. We shall try to fix any such defects as soon as possible.

4.2.   Your access to this Website might be restricted as a result of repairs, maintenance, or the addition of new services. We shall try to restore access to the Website as soon as possible.

5.       Reviews

5.1.   For this clause’s purposes, anyone who writes one or more reviews on the Website is referred to as ‘Reviewer’ and ‘Reviewers’.

5.2.   By posting a review, a Reviewer promises that:

5.2.1.       The review in question is a representation of their independent and genuine views. Also, the review was not written to improve or damage the reputation of the review’s subject;

5.2.2.       The review was not written for money or other incentive provided by third parties;

5.2.3.       The review was not copied, fully or partially, from different sources, but is instead unique and original;

5.2.4.       By publishing the review, BalancingEverything receives an exclusive and irrevocable license to display, host, and use said review for various purposes worldwide.

5.3.   BalancingEverything and its team reserve the right to remove any content from the Website at their sole discretion and for any reason and at any time.

6.       General Terms

6.1.   We reserve the right to update these Terms for any regulatory and legal reasons or to enable proper Website operations. Any such changes shall be announced on the Website and will take effect right after the notification is published. In case you are not willing to accept the updated Terms, you should stop using this Website. If you continue using this Website from the moment when any Term updates take place, you fully agree to the new Terms.

6.2.   Any obligations and rights you have under these Terms cannot be transferred or assigned to other persons.

6.3.   In case we choose not to enforce a specific right that we have against you at a given time, that does not limit us from enforcing that exact right at another time.

6.4.   We hold no liability for any possible breaches of this Website Terms caused by events beyond our reasonable control.

7.       Law and Jurisdiction

7.1.    These Website Terms and any disputes that might arise about or from them are subjected to the regulations and laws of the United States of America.

7.2.    We make no guarantees and promises that any Website content is compliant with any regulations and laws outside the United States of America. It is strictly prohibited to access this Website from countries and jurisdictions where any of the Website contents are illegal. In that regard, if you access this Website from a country outside the United States of America, you shall be held responsible for compliance with local regulations and laws.