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The Internet has become so ingrained in our everyday lives that most of us can’t even picture a world without it. So, when going over the prices of utilities and planning your household (or business) budget, you must also consider the average cost of internet. This article will help you with all the info you need to stay up to date with the internet service cost, be it for necessity or just plain old curiosity.

Average Cost of Internet Stats & Facts

  • The typical American pays $1,475.28 yearly for high-speed internet access.
  • The cheapest unlimited mobile internet subscription on the U.S. market costs $30.
  • Just 50% of households in California may access fiber internet.
  • The prices of internet in Colorado range from $29 to $169.
  • In Ukraine, the typical internet bill is just $5.77 per month.

Average Cost of Internet per Month

As it is with most things, the price of internet will vary drastically depending on various circumstances, most notably, location. For example, the cost that residents of one state must pay may seem ludicrous to what others are getting on the other side of the country, let alone outside the US. 

Then, different companies have different plans with different specifications such as bandwidth. The USTelecom’s 2021 study of the Broadband Pricing Index, however, sheds some light on the average cost of internet and cable per month.

As such, the study shows that in 2021, the national monthly average was $48.42, considering the all-around consumer choice. When it comes to high-speed internet, however, the average paid stood at $74.80. These numbers point to a decline in costs since in 2015, the average cost of internet a month stood at $65.62 while the high-speed option cost consumers $122.94.


Average Wifi Cost per Month

The average cost of wifi per month should also incur charges of no more than $50, in general. Those who prefer a more robust package (faster speeds, entire-home wifi, high data allowances) will likely dish out between $60 and $100 for the average wifi bill. 


Average Internet Cost per Year

Given the previous calculations taken from studies, we figure out the annual bill. For the average cost of wifi, general packages will not raise the bill to more than $600 while packages that contain more facilities should range between $820 and $1,200. 

Despite the surge in demand due to the pandemic, prices in 2020 dropped 9.3% in real dollars compared to the prior-year period. 

So, for an all-around consumer choice, internet bill average statistics show that the price stands at about $581.04 while considering the cost of high-speed internet per month, the yearly bill should be approximately $1,475.28.

(Allconnect; USTelecom)

What Are the Best Internet Providers?

For consumers who are looking for the most bang their buck and don’t mind cable connection as opposed to fiber optics, Xfinity Internet offers the best deal, with just $29.99 per month, according to U.S.News statistics. 

On the other hand, for consumers who don’t mind spending but expect higher quality and better speed, Spectrum Internet offers hybrid-fiber coax with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. Going with this option should add $49.99 to your calculations of the average cost of cable and internet. 

Other top competitors on the US market include Verizon Internet which charges $39.99 for fiber with speeds between 200 Mbps and 940 Mbps, AT&T which requires $35 monthly for their fiber optics package with speeds from 0.8 Mbps to 940 Mbps, and Cox Internet ($29.99, fiber and cable, 10 Mbps–1,000 Mbps). 

Note that these calculations are based on rough country-wide averages and actual costs may differ locally. 


Cheapest Internet Providers

In some situations, consumers choose their services based on price alone, which is a perfectly valid way of making a decision. We’ve therefore aggregated some of the best options when considering a low average cost of internet service per month as the only requirement.

RCN Internet has the cheapest offer on the market, starting from just $19.99 per month, to which you can expect to add another $4.95 or so for equipment rental if needed. Optimum internet is another great option for those looking for cheap internet. Their plans start from $24.95/month and they also offer the option to not pay any equipment rental fee.

Frontier Internet is another great choice when considering the cheapest internet packages, with the monthly cost for the service starting from $24.99.


The Average Cost of High-Speed Internet

Although we have done a thorough job listing the median cost of cable and internet so far and presented you with what the providers from the US market offer, we haven’t talked much about the different types of high-speed internet and their costs.

Fiber Optics

The technology behind high-speed internet is enabled by a fiber optic cable, through which binary signaling light travels extremely fast. Currently, this is the fastest form of commercial internet available. The average cost of fiber internet is somewhere around $65 per month nationwide. 


Cable Internet

Cable internet is a much slower alternative facilitated by a modem that uses an Ethernet cable to connect to a router. The speeds using this technology are still relatively high, although not as good as fiber. One advantage to cable internet is that since you are already using a router, you can broadcast a wifi signal through your home at no additional hassle. The average high-speed internet cost for cable is $58/month.  



The earliest form of hig-h-speed internet was DSL. Although the previously mentioned alternatives are faster, this option is cheaper, so it still has a significant number of users, because the speeds it delivers are decent enough for the average residential activity. Consumers who have slow to moderate speed requirements and don’t use the internet much may opt for this without care. When using DSL, the average cost of internet bill per month is $43.



One of the slowest options that you may choose is satellite internet. Although it has its obvious disadvantages, satellite internet is useful because it is available absolutely everywhere, as it does not use landlines. The technology behind this internet connection is based on actual satellites and dishes. Considering all its specifications, this internet connection type is great for those who live in rural areas and cannot connect to the network otherwise. For those who chose satellite, the average cost of internet is $91 per month. 



Although almost obsolete, Dial-up is still used by 3% of Americans. The popularity of dial-up has been declining hastily, as its speed is much slower than the alternatives. It works by using the existing phone lines that homes generally have. The prices of dial-up internet range from $9.95 up to $20 per month for a speed of just 56 Kbps. As it is, this form of internet access may only be used for very light activities like checking emails. 


The Average Cost of TV and Internet per Month

Although declining in popularity, television is somewhat saved by the service provider companies, which usually offer packs containing internet, as well as cable. Nowadays, the stand-alone average cable bill ranges between $60 to $100. Therefore, while a starter plan is $60, a mid-ranged one goes for $75 and a premium is approximately $100. The internet cost for stand-alone packs is usually $50 per month. 


Although double-play internet and television packages have promotional prices as low as $35 per month and triple-play (plus phone services) around $45, most consumers choose to pay a lot more, for more wholesome services. Consumers who opt to pay for double-play packages, in general, spend $132 per month while the average cost of cable, internet, and phone per month paid by Americans is $165.


Mobile Internet Plans

The mobile internet market is surely not devoid of variation, which is a big advantage for users. 

Some of the best plans that we could find are Mint Mobile Unlimited with $30 per month, which is the cheapest unlimited plan, and T-Mobile Essentials which offers the fastest data speeds and browsing without any limits for $60. 


It’s important to note that the US is the country with the most expensive mobile internet among developed nations, with an average cost of internet bill for mobile of around $35 to $60.

(Credit Donkey)

Average Internet Price for Business

With the current rate of digitalization, looking over the average wifi bill is a necessity for almost any entrepreneur. Still, not all businesses are the same and have the same necessities. While a mom-and-pop shop may get away with a general internet subscription, larger operations must plan more thoroughly. Below we have compiled a list of rough averages that you can expect from service providers.  

Among the most advantageous plans dedicated to businesses, we have found AT&T’s offer of 25 to 500 Mbps download speeds, starting from $50 per month, which is best for dedicated connections. Those who want to avoid having a contract will enjoy CentryLink’s offer which consists of speeds up to 1,000 Mbps for prices up to $199.99 per month.

Entrepreneurs looking to lower their average monthly cost of internet and still get a decent deal will appreciate Frontier’s offer which provides speeds between 12 and 70 Mbps, starting from $49.99 monthly. Our analysis shows that the best plan for businesses when it comes to speeds is Verizon’s, which can reach up to 940 Mbps and it costs between $69.99 and $249.99.

Rural businesses may find it hard to connect to the internet, given the lack of infrastructure. Fortunately, Viasat provides a satellite connection for a decent monthly internet cost. A subscription with this provider will offer you speeds between 35 and 100 Mbps. Should you feel like this option is for you, you must add at least $80 to your average cost of internet calculations.


Average Cost of Phone and Internet Bundles for Business

As most employers will also need to provide a phone subscription besides internet for their workers, we have also compiled a list of the most advantageous bundles that we could find. Of course, the market is filled with offers from different providers who are fighting to bring the best deal to the table. 

As such, we recommend to entrepreneurs looking for the best average cost of phone and internet for a small business to look into what Cox has to pitch. This provider offers various bundles that start from as low as $64.99. Besides business internet and phone, their offer also includes Hosted VoIP Systems. Entrepreneurs looking for an alternative can check out AT&T’s bundles that start from $70 per month.

(Cox; ATTSavings)

Average Internet Cost by State

For a better perspective, we’ll go over internet prices that users can expect at some notable US locations.

Internet Service Cost in New York

New Yorkers looking for a deal may opt for RCN’s offer starting from $34.99 with speeds between 250 and 1,000 Mbps. However, this provider is known for not having complete local availability in New York, but just 36%.

Those who are unable to get this deal and don’t mind ramping up their monthly cost a bit can try HughesNet, which has 100% availability. If you choose to go with this provider, expect to add at least $39.99 to your average internet cost monthly. They will provide a 25 Mbps speed, which is not too shabby.

For the same price as HughesNet, Verizon Fios offers a subscription with speeds of between 200 and 940 Mbps, with 83% of local availability. New York consumers who don’t mind spending to get a better service will find what they are looking for at Spectrum. This provider has speeds of between 200 and 1,000 Mbps for $49.99.


Average Cost of Internet in California

As the United States is a country with such vast land, it can be difficult for internet providers and other similar services to expand. This is why approximately 50% of households in the country have no choice and may only use the services of one provider with fixed high-speed internet coverage in their area.

Fortunately for California residents, there are dozens of internet service providers in this economic powerhouse. Some of the options with the cheapest internet cost per month are Frontier (starting from only $20), Cox ($42.99 lowest price), and Cable One ($45 minimum).

If speed is what you prefer and you don’t mind splurging for it then you will enjoy Verizon and Spectrum’s offers as these operators provide 100 Mbps speeds for $54.99 and $64.99 respectively.


The Average Cost of Internet in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles area is prosperous and vibrant in all aspects, so it has no shortage of cable, fiber, IPBB, DSL, fixed wireless, or satellite internet. The entire metro area has easy access to fast and reliable cable, while approximately 20% of neighborhoods may also opt for fiber. Of course, satellite is also an option for L.A. residents, no matter their location. Those looking for a good deal on wifi per month can also opt for fixed wireless internet, given they live in one of the covered spots, comprised of more than half of the city.

The cheapest offers from providers in Los Angeles are those from Frontier Communications and Spectrum, which both go for a minimum internet monthly cost of $49.99. On the other end, Spectrum also has packages that may go up to $109.99 monthly but includes speeds of up to 1,000mbps.


The Average Cost of Internet in San Diego

In America’s Finest City, seven internet service providers offer fiber, cable, satellite, fixed wireless, and internet protocol broadband connections. The average speed here is around 127 Mbps and only 32% of the area has fiber optics coverage.

The lowest cost for basic broadband in San Diego is $29.99 while the range of all offers stands between is $30 to $155 for the internet prices per month. Users in San Diego may reach speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.


The Average Cost of Internet in Colorado

Monthly Internet Cost in Denver

Colorado’s internet structure is generally developed, however, the connection you get will vary across the state. For example, in Denver, there is a decent mixture of different providers competing on broadband offers, but the kicker is 84% of the city’s zones have access to fiber. Internet bills per month across the Mile High City range from $29 to $169. The top speed is around 1,200.


Monthly Internet Cost in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs also has impressive fiber coverage (75%) and a great average speed of 121.32 Mbps. Here, the average cost of internet service ranges between $30 and $200 while the accessible speed range in Mbps goes from 3 to 1,200. 

The cheapest internet service provider that you will find in this city is Xfinity from Comcast which offers download speeds of around 50 Mbps. Another great option for those on a budget is TDS Telecom which provides speeds of 300 Mbps for $39.95/month. 

Xfinity also provides the fastest internet in Colorado Springs. Their package priced at $84.99 offers speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps.


Monthly Internet Costs in Illinois

The Average Cost of Internet in Chicago

Residents of Windy City can choose between eight different service providers for their internet bill. Unfortunately, the fiber-optics network in Chicago covers only 27% of the city. This is considerably disadvantageous, although the cable option works pretty well for most residential requirements.

The average speed in the area is 116.20 Mbps and monthly subscriptions are priced between $20 to $140. The cheapest provider is WOW! (internet bill per month of $19.99) and the fastest is Xfinity from Comcast (1,200 Mbps for an internet cost of $70 monthly).


Monthly Internet Cost in Naperville

In this area, consumers have a great variety, as 10 different internet service providers compete, resulting in a highly advantageous average cost of cable and internet. Sadly, the city is lacking in fiber access, as only 4% of its area is covered. The average speed in Naperville is somewhere around 122 Mbps while the typical internet bill ranges from $20 to $130 per month.

The lowest that you can get basic broadband for is $19.99 from WOW!. This package offers speeds of around 100 Mbps. Another cheap alternative is Xfinity from Comcast’s service of 50 Mbps for $30 monthly.


The Average Cost of Internet in Georgia

Monthly Internet Costs in Atlanta

The chances of having access to great internet speeds in Atlanta are good, as the area is primarily urban and suburban, plus it’s heavily wired. The rural pockets around the city may have to resort to satellite internet.

Approximately 71% of the Gate City has fiber access. Prices for home internet range from $30 to $299. The cheapest option is Xfinity from Comcast’s package of $30 per month for speeds of around 50 Mbps. On the other hand, the fastest download speeds are provided by Google Fiber (2,000 Mbps) for an internet cost of $100.


Monthly Internet Costs in Augusta

The biggest US internet provider and the one ranked the best in 2021 by U.S.News, Xfinity, is also the most widely available in Augusta. They cover approximately 95% of the city. The average cost of cable TV and internet per month remains competitive, although only six providers are competing in the area. Those companies offer prices between $20 and $150 monthly.

It’s unfortunate that the fiber optics network is not so well developed in Augusta as only 32% of the area has access to it. Xfinity also has the best speeds in this city, providing up to 1,200 Mbps for a great price of $70 per month.


The Average Cost of Internet in Texas

Internet Monthly Cost in Houston

The state’s largest metro area also boasts a lot of internet service providers. Approximately 56% of Houston neighborhoods have access to fiber optics and the average speed recorded here is somewhere around 127.43 Mbps. The top speed can get up to 2,000 Mbps and the price range for home internet starts from $20 and gets all the way up to $260. As expected, the average cost of wifi per month is lower but this option is also slower than fiber.


Internet Monthly Cost in Austin

The average monthly cost of cable and internet in the capital of Texas is pretty advantageous, considering the 14 competitors on the local market. Internet bills in this area vary from $20 to $300 per month. We should also note that the city has a decent enough fiber coverage of 63% and speeds can get to as high as 2,000 Mbps.

The cheapest offer on Austin’s internet market comes from Grande Communication (50 Mbps for $24.99 monthly) while the fastest connection is provided by Google Fiber (2,000 Mbps for $100 per month).


Internet Monthly Cost in Dallas

As the city is home to one of the largest internet service providers in the country, the average internet cost in Dallas is more advantageous than in many other states. Another fortunate advantage of living here is represented by the high chances of having access to the fiber optics network which spans 71% of the city’s area.

The average speed in Dallas is not too shabby either, standing at approximately 132.43 Mbps. The lowest that you can find for broadband is $19.99 while the costliest package shouldn’t exceed $150.


The Average Cost of Internet in Florida

The 21.6 million residents of Florida surely do have a variety of providers to choose from when it comes to their internet service. In this state, all internet connection types are available, be it DSL, fiber, cable, mobile broadband, or satellite internet.

Competing for the top spot in the ”best speed” category are AT&T and Xfinity by Comcast, both offering up to 1,000 Mbps state-wide. Trailing behind them, CenturyLink provides up to 940 Mbps. 

Those looking for the lowest average cost of internet and cable in Florida will be delighted by Frontier’s offer which provides speeds between 50 to 940 Mbps for just $29.99. Windstream also has a good package that has speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for $26 per month, considering that you get a yearly subscription. Two other internet service providers with great price deals that will lower your average wifi cost per month are Cox ($29.99) and Xfinity ($29.99).


Average Internet Prices Around the World

Average Internet Cost in Developing Countries

One big disadvantage the United States has faced regarding its internet service stems from the level of technological and economical development the country has continually faced in the previous decades. As the old internet infrastructure was being installed in the 1990s, innovations like fiber optics were yet to be adopted.

Therefore, when in the early 2000 fiber became available widely, the United States’s infrastructure was already built and replacing it was more difficult. This is why some of the least developed countries often have higher internet speeds, as they got to adopt fiber first due to their lack of infrastructure at the time. This is also the reason why for a much lower average internet cost per month you can get better service in these countries than in the U.S.

Some developing countries have astronomic costs, for example, Ethiopia ($424.38) and Afghanistan ($334.29). On the other hand, in the majority of them, the prices are not only affordable but even better than in the developed world. Some notable examples include Ukraine ($5.77), Russia ($6.73), Romania ($8.95), Moldova ($9.39), and Vietnam ($10.89). Also, surprisingly, the average cost of internet in India is $10.57.


Average Internet Prices in the Developed World

Internet Costs in France

Like in the majority of the advanced economies, internet usage in France is very high. Coffee shops, pubs, and bars often provide free wifi for customers. Your internet access in this country is highly dependent on the area in which you live. While urban zones enjoy high speeds and low costs, residents of rural areas must generally rely on satellite internet. All things considered, the all-around average monthly price of internet in France is $33.


The Average Cost of Internet in the UK

Depending on where they reside, citizens of the United Kingdom pay different rates per Mbps. A recent study done by GetAgent reveals that in London the internet cost for one Mbps is £0.62 ($0.86). The same amount of data in the North East will foot a bill of £0.78 per Mbps ($1.09). The South West is the area with the most expensive internet with £0.93 per Mbps ($1.29), followed by Yorkshire which has a price of approximately £0.89 per Mbps ($1.24).


Average Internet Cost in Germany

Up until 1998, one single company held the monopoly of the German telecommunications market and infrastructure. With new laws being passed, tons of competitors flooded consumers with new offers.

Currently, a broadband connection in Germany costs about €20 to €30 per month (roughly $25 to $35). We should also note that although these are the mean prices, there are deals that go to as low as €13.99 (about $17).

Since 2018, companies have been ramping up their fiber optics network development, so speeds have been increasing in Germany.


Average Cost of Internet in Canada

Canadians typically dish out between $30 and $170 per month for access to the internet, depending on what provider and speed they decide to go with. Unlimited plans are, as expected, more costly than those that are capped and have data fees, given that you don’t go over the limit.


The prices also depend heavily on the area. For example, the average monthly fee in Calgary, Alberta is $79.18. Vancouver residents typically pay $23.09 while the average internet cost in Ontario is $52 per month. In Quebec, costs generally revolve around $53 monthly.

The mean prices in the other provinces are $34.44 in Manitoba, $51.57 in Saskatchewan, $53.50 for Quebec, $63.18 in Nunavut, and $59.26 in Yukon. Residents of Newfoundland have an average internet bill of $65.35, while those from Prince Edward’s Island pay $49.97. In Nova Scotia, the monthly average internet price is $43.98 and in New Brunswick, it stands at $48.35.

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The Bottom Line

Being connected to the whole world in an instant is a wonderful thing and experiencing it in our lifetime is certainly a reason to be grateful for. What is even more astounding is how impactful and amazing having this connection in our life is, for just such a small average cost of internet, both at home and abroad.

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